Love Polka Dots

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At the end of this summer I am seeing a lot of women lean toward a more old school trend. Polka Dots are back,and here to stay. See it's not so structured as it was in the early 50's and 60's. Now the trend is to add other pieces that can soften the initial blow of the polka dots. Polka dots can be loud, especially when they aren't paired properly. 
You can pair it with a solid color, or with another pattern.It may seam like it would look confusing but, it actually won't. If you do decide to wear polka dots with stripes for example the trick is to remember to keep it in the same color family.
When accessorizing an outfit like this it is important to remember the age old rule, LESS IS MORE. The outfit is so loud and demanding your jewelry doesn't have to be. play it up with at least one heavy piece and keep the other things small and simple. 
Loving this trend, ladies indulge and wear it well. Always remember to stay fabulous!!!!

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