Mix and Match

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I Know you always heard when you were younger, everything must match or be in the same color in order for you to look good. I am here testify about how NOT TRUE that statement is. In fashion it's all about taking a little bit of risks. Not going too far where you look like a crazy clown, but be risky enough to have your outfit make a statement.
The idea is to use colors to your advantage. If you are wearing a bright color pattern the other should be bright as well. Believe me I know you think you would look like a bright hot mess but you won't. When wearing different patterns together, if the vividness or loudness if you will of the colors are similar the outfit looks put together. Like these ladies here.
Now a very big pattern mix I am noticing are stripes, they are being paired with every kind of pattern you could imagine, but I haven't seen any I don't like yet. With all that being said go out there and mix and match until your heart is content!

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