The Magic of Magic City

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Well, I do know that I am not the only person who is obsessed with their favorite tv series. For me, the whole experience is a little more significant . When I watch my favorite shows I too get caught up in the story line and the characters, but of course I am admiring their wardrobe and the costume directors/ stylist who put them together.

Stylist Carol Ramsey styles the actors and actresses for the Starz series Magic City which is based in the 1950's and 1960's time frame. The series which is coming to the end if their second season, shows the sexy vintage bad girl looks and well dressed men from the time. Magic City has brought back the beauty and elegance in the wardrobe that brings the show and the characters to life. Which then throws it's viewers into Miami as if you are there.
The vintage look shows how much work went into details and how beautifully everything was fit and tailored. This I admire the most because of how well polished and put together everyone always looks.
The lavish gowns, well fitted suits, skinny ties, dark shades and the tiny bikinis all throw you into the lifestyle of the rich and corrupted politicians,  mobsters , sexy songstresses, and the high stake gamblers who come through the hotel on a daily basis.
Magic City is electrifying and a little addicting for its's viewers, but as for me the added bonus of a fabulously well dressed cast is all the more reason to love this show.
                      Magic City
             Friday @ 9 p.m.

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