That BlackOut

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So it's one of those days that I'm feeling all black
Sometimes you just have to dress the way you feel. Usually that doesn't work especially when your in a bad mood then as for your outfit that could be a bad situation.
When you feel this way the trick is to harness your emotions into a color or a specific style. I chose a color that happened to be black.
Black over the knee boots were the shoes of choice. This could go dressed or casual. At the moment I need it to be dressed up.
I added a black bracelet and clutch! Then  I added one of my favorite pieces. My 3d industrial ring. With jewelry it's fun to add an unusual piece you weren't expecting.
This is the outfit of choice at the moment. Hopefully I could inspire you with my style choices and some advice I could give.
Remember stay stylish and fashionable at all times.

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