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Accessories are great when paying attention to details. Details are what can make or break an outfit in a good or bad way. Today I just wanted to shine some light on this topic.
Right now the trend in fashion is all about mixing patterns,textures, and colors. Here are some ideas I put together for this season.
Bright colors with florals are a great choice. I added layers of gold to bring out the yellow and blue hues in the scarf. I always remind people don't be afraid of of layering multiple pieces. Wear this with skinny jeans and a cute jacket and you will be stunning.
This look is great for an afternoon lunch, hopefully this will inspire your next lunch date.
This set is all about making a statement with neutral  and warm colors. Colors that can be worn with this are chocolate brown, cream, black, white, orange, or green. These can call attention to the usual full stigma that are placed on the simplicity of neutral colors. Keep this inspiration when wearing those type of colors.
This choice is inspired for a cute combination for an interview. Also you can wear this to church. The pearls give it a classy elegance about whomever is wearing it. Which is always a plus !
Just shining some light on how accessorizing can work ultimately to your advantage especially when you don't want to look for a dramatic outfit.
Remember stay fashionable!!!!!

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