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From time to time in the fashion industry there will be a trend that comes around that is set in a specific category  that doesn't cross the lines and become transitional. Fortunately I am here to explain that they can be!
This next trend that I am going to bring to your attention is a perfect example of that. Colored geometric patterns and prints are  slowly trying to become a transitional trend among cultures.
Originally this trend was introduced in the more classic, chic culture. Then it started to transition to the preppy looks then into the urban arena as time has been going on.
Ladies,this trend can be again a hit or miss so you need to pursue this correctly.  With that being said, you need to keep your style and body type in mind. Be aware of what colors look well on you so that you can use that to your advantage too.
You can wear this trend two ways. If you want to be classic you can wear a pattern and then wear plain accessories with it. The other way to wear this trend is to layer other prints if you want to be bold. 
Again, with layering prints on orints it can be tricky. You don't want to look as if you are confused. The best way to accomplish this is to wear different prints or patterns with the same color palette.
Just remember to stay true to your personal style at all times! To accessorize you can add a plated statement piece whether it be a necklace or some earrings. Be true to yourself.
You can wear this look in the day or to the office for an amazing outfit or outing with the ladies!
Always remember to stay fashion forward! Stay connected to Fashion Kulture for all you tips, styles, and trendy needs. 

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