Cookies N' Cream

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Today was a rather slow moving day for me, but nonetheless it still should be a fashionable kind of day. Ladies you know we all have our off days, well today was one of mine and I am not afraid to admit it. I decided to keep everything simple and chic with a cookies n' cream kind of look!
I grabbed a simple black T-shirt and I paired them with my black cargo pants. You can also opt for skinny black jeans if you prefer or leggings!
Then I added some accessories the main one being my cream paisley print purse. I love this bag because it added a touch of color and flare to the outfit without being loud.
I also added a silver and black plated necklace with black shades. You know how I don't like people looking directly in my face. Lol.
Let's not forget the most important thing! Shoes! I opted for my classic black suede pumps. They add a sense of chic class that's always needed.
Ladies those are a staple piece to always have in your closet these pumps are always in season!!!
This look was mainly for a quick run out to do an errand but this can also go to a lunch date without bring too overdressed. This look can work for anyone no matter your shape or body type which makes this look so amazing.
Remember to stay fashion forward and keep in touch with me here at Fashion Kulture for your daily styles and tips!!!
Don't forget about my new post #FKTipsTuesdays that will be starting next week!!! 

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