Candy Stripes!

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Like any other day I ask myself the most important question. What am I going to wear today? Well today I decided on a more classic look. I am feeling stripes!
I wore my lavender and white stripes button down shirt. I also grabbed my black sweater that is also has vertical stripes. 
By wearing layers that has patterns going in the same direction it makes it easier on the eyes.
To make this look become more casual I threw on a pair of my favorite skinny jeans. If you want the look to be more cohesive you can wear black jeans instead of blue. Whichever works for you. The idea is to take these looks as inspiration for you to make your style shine through.
I added my heavy plated black and silver necklace to add some drama.
The kicker is the heels! Classic pumps that keep this look sassy and classy. This is definately a date night option!
Just remember to stay in the know about trends and add your own twist.

Always stay Fashion Forward no matter what! 

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