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In essence of the shifting in weather I did notice that fashion and style must respond.
Just like I meantioned on #fkTipsTuesdays white is all the rage moving forward. Also I wanted to mention that now is cruise and yacht season which is why white is becoming such a hot commodity!
In the warmer months many people are also known for attending all white parties and throwing them.
With all this being said I have been lead to try some Grecian godess white looks and see how they look.
Here I have on a Grecian white dress with 
With flowing white sleeves and beautiful lace detailing down the middle. Then i became bold and Acessorized by  I adding a white and silver head piece. You don't have to buy an expensive one ladies! Here I just got creative! 
You can wear all white acessories like I did or add pieces with color.
Also you can wear bright colored jewelry if you would like to bring attention to you from head to toe!
Pops if color can cause people to recieve the outfit in it's entirety!
After all it's spring ladies! Spring into fashionable trends and be bold enough try something new like I did.
Now if Grecian dresses aren't for you it's okay. You can apply the all white chic trend with any style!
Enjoy your weekend, the beautiful weather, and have fun.

Stay fashion forward and connected to Fashion Kulture for all your fashionable needs!

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