Spring into Florals

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I am at the present moment all about that spring into floral  life. I am enjoying the plenty of neutral with rich wen colors. In a way it's all coming together to inspire the creativity of my soul.
With that being said I couldn't help but to push forward in my endeavors of the day in a chic way of course.
Today I am loving the floral wrap skirt by Worthington. It is so chic and feminine. This piece of art transcends you to fashionable space of the island. 
To pair it off I added a feminine and sheer blouse by Worthington as well in a more subtle cream color. This piece is great for your wardrobe in the greatest sense because it can be a staple item that is extremely versatile.
At the present moment I decided to add a solid silver plated chain for drama as an accessory. Most people would say it doesn't go in the direction you want but the trick is to add something different and unexpected because it shows the outfit has an edginess.

Shades are always a plus because there is nothing like being just that much invisible.
Ladies this look I hope will inspire your chic and feminine side to enjoy this beautiful weather!
If you want to know this outfit is completely by Worthington in JCpenny.
Not everything that you buy has to break the bank. I write to express to all you aspiring fashionistas to love who you are, stay true to your style, love yourself and the art form we respect that is Fashion.
Believe in what you love!
Stay inspired and Fashion Forward.
Enjoy your weekend!
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