Sweatshirts & Denim

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Today I am feeling very chic inspired! The only thing is I am having a feeling of comfort as well. To solve this little problem I decided to merge two looks and create this comfy chic ensemble that I will be wearing today.
Loving the sunlight and enjoying the rays I decided to wear a chic pencil skirt fromWorthington. I know people think that you have to be ultra thin to wear them but quite the contrary. If you have hips and thighs like I do it actually brings more attention and definition to the skirt itself. Ladies conquer the pencil skirt!
As I mentioned earlier I did want to be comfortable so I decided to wear my favorite ultra soft sweater from JoeBoxer and a denim vest.
This also works as plus because it's a little chilly out. Also the sweater bulges and is very forgiving so ladies even when it's that time of the month, this look is definately an option.
For accessories I added a silver heart pendent necklace and silver studs to keep this look simple. Then I grabbed some shades. You know you don't need people staring at you before you've had your  coffee!!!
This look is great inspo for a day out with the girls on Saturday afternoon. Stay fabulous at all times ladies no matter what! Be true to yourself and your style no matter what.
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