Sexy in a Corset

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The sun shining outside increased my impulse to slip into something sophisticated and a little sexy today!
I thought what else could do the trick but a corset.
A corset can work in plenty of ways to our advantage! A corset is a sexy look that plays especially on your curves because it holds you in and fits like a glove.!
Today I have decided to wear a funky fabric layer corset from Ashley Stewart. Grabbed this piece up a while ago and I love every bit if it.
The denim pencil skirt I paired it with is from Marshall's. 
This skirt I love as well because of the fit. Also this denim skirt is a soft dark wash. This look makes the skirt very versatile to be dressed up or down.
If course some nude laced heels from Guess that go perfectly with this beautiful corset. 
To finish this outfit I added a multi colored metallic rope chain. This statement piece gives that pop of something different and unexpected!
This chic summer look is amazing for daytime on vacation as well because, hey, it's that time of year!
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