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Well, here is what all the buzz was about on the photoshoot this weekend.
The stylemaven herself, is taking things to another level. I decided to give vintage chic a chance. I mean why not! As a fashionista I must stay true to being versatile and let the fashion lover within take center stage.
This outfit is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to share the details.
While giving life to this vintage ensemble I have a mixture if different designers to notify you of. 
First let's start with these amazing geometric patterned pants! These were a great find at Burlington Coat 
Personally I like this store because it's amazing prices and secret finds.
The tank is a cotton beige tank is from Old Navy. This amazing purple jacket is from a boutique. Boutiques are amazing for unique pieces that you will love. Whenever you have the time stroll through them.
The glamourous accessories are from H&M. Always keep some heavy plated jewelry they are always a plus.

The heels are from Nine West. They make comfy and fabulous shoes for all. 

This look is fabulous for all especially women with curves this option is an amazing choice. This look is definately for going out and making a statement.

All the glamourous details were pulled of by teamscs from 
The Stacey Ciceron Studio 
91 Merrick Rd.
Baldwin, NY11510
Hair by: Stacey Ciceron
Makeup by: Julia N.

Thanks everyone for everything from start to finish! 

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Hope this #ootd has inspired you!

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