Bedazzled Basics

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Throughout my daily journey I ran into this cute item and I just felt the absolute need to share. 
Of course we all have our favorite basics in our closet that is a sure staple if everything else fails.
I thought why is it that we always need to accessories. Why not get basics that already have some sparkle!
Being the style maven on the move, this piece caught my eye!
A quilted white bedazzled blazer from Kara!
This blazer is everything and I just couldn't resist. This blazer can give life to any white party outfit.
I thought there are so many options this blazer could give you, especially when you have a fantastic outfit and just can't find the right jewels. This blazer can just give you the perfect shine and glitz for that special event.

I hope my cute find will inspire you on your daily journey to be fashionable 

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