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In most circumstances an overdose is a a bad the case of denim I promise this overdose is one that should be encouraged! 
On the contrary it is possible for you to have too much of a good thing, but today that rule just doesn't apply. 
Just like some of the mega celebrities today like Rihanna and Beyoncé this overdose of denim is catching like wild fire. I thought why not take part and join in with the fashion icons.
Here I wanted to make a statement of my own. The denim on denim look is a definate favorite but you know that's the thing with style, you always have to put your own flare on it.

Today I have on a mid button down denim shirt from Burlington Coat Factory. This shirt is rapidly becoming one of my favorite things to go to in my wardrobe. 
It is so comfortable ! You all know how I love pieces that are versatile which this is. Fashion lovers all over are spicing up denim shirts with tulle skirts and heavy jewels and gems. That's one of my personal favorite combos! You never know stay on the lookout, I will be trying that look very soon.
My darker denim pencil skirt is from Marshall's. I love this pice because it's so comfortable and sophisticated all at the same time. The two pices together create this fabulous chic and relaxed look for any occasion. How clever to wear denim from head to toe and be stylish all at once.
I added the most beautiful romantic floral statement necklace from Avon. I know they still have some amazing costume jewelry you would never think they could! The next time someone gives you a book to order from, honey flip through those pages first!
These fabulous salmon shoes are definately from you would my believe, Rainbow. The thing is they always have trendy colors so always just breeze through there every once in a while! You never know what little treasures you might find.
 This outfit is a fierce look with little effort and can be worn to any fabulous occasion you might have coming up before the summer is gone.
I am positive that this look will have you turning heads to see this fashio maven strutting the street! Be the hot topic
 in your town and let the streets have it!
This look was hopefully inspiring for you!

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