Fashion & Beauty: The Marriage

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Fashion and beauty have a well coordinated relationship despite how big their entities are seperately.
To me they have and play out the perfect guidelines for a marriage. 
I know, this is might be a bit if a stretch , fashion and beauty giving the layout for marriage! Hear me out first before you pass judgement on my analogy.
 Fashion as a whole is a fabulous fierce entity all wrapped up in its own world. It consist if designers, models, icons and of course the fashion bloggers! This conglomerate needless to say can hold it's own.
Beauty on the other hand has a heartbeat as well. It consists of the plenty cosmetic lines, mega makeup franchises, makeup artists, and the the makeup lovers of course!
Just like a marriage should be, they are strong seperately, but together they dominate!
This is where I fall in love with the fashion and beauty industries. The combination of the two can make for phenomenal creations to emerge.
The romance between fashion and beauty gives birth to fierce fashion shows and iconic fashion photography that showcases the amazing dominance of each without fighting each other.
The complete and perfect balance of the two is one to envy and admire.
This blows my mind every time I think about it!
How amazing could this be, to see the outline for a relationship through the very thing that I love. 
You never know how your passion can open your eyes to other aspects in life. Keep your mind and heart open to be receptive of the many lessons you can learn.
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